Traci Waldroup


A little about me

Local to the area, I have a deep understanding of the people, community, land and housing market. When your heart is rooted in an area, you grasp what makes it special. Working in the mountains of WNC, my job seems to be more of an adventure than actual work. I'm driven by my love for this area, the people, the memories and what it means to me. Connection is all that really matters, the rest falls into place. 

Spending several years behind a desk, I mastered the ins and outs of the Vacation Rental Market. From late night reservations to the nitty gritty of the housekeeping- I have done it all. I know what guests want. I know what homeowners expect. Service is key in this kind of industry and finding common ground with get each individual is a must. What brings you to the area? What needs must be met? Help me to understand your purpose.

When I think about what I want to offer, the main word that comes to mind is COMFORT. Buying and selling is not an easy process. There are a lot of emotions involved with the ups and downs. These are life changing decisions that I aim to understand. When working with a real estate professional you have to feel safe and comfortable. You have to trust they have your best interest in mind and will lead you along the journey with honest, real advice, and encouragement. 

Let's explore the area and real estate industry together.