Who Are We?

Bryson City Realty Group is much more than it initially appears.  While we are a full-service real estate firm, we are also tied with two subsidiary companies – Bryson City Cabin Rentals and Smoky Mountain Cabin Builders.  These are all owned and operated by Owner/Broker Ray Ruais and cousin, Owner/Contractor Kevin Beauchesne.

You may be asking, how does this work? 

Ray manages the day to day operations of Bryson City Realty Group and Bryson City Cabin Rentals by being Broker-in-Charge.  He is very hands-on, so if he’s not in our office he is out with clients, his brokers, at the rental properties he manages, directing his various staff members – to be honest, he’s always on the go.  However, he is always directly involved in all aspects of the businesses and takes great pride in them.  Kevin manages all of the construction portions of the business through Smoky Mountain Cabin Builders.  Having them all together for our clients, in one central location, just makes sense.

How is this an advantage?

Well, because we are all housed in one central location, we are all on the same page.  If you have purchased a second home or vacation property and are interested in having yours as a rental, we have a wealth of knowledge of how it works, we can show you first hand, and have all documentation at our fingertips.  We can also be readily prepared once your property closes to have it ready for our program.  And since you have already been acquainted with us through the buying process, you will already have that relationship in place.  It’s a win-win.

If you already have an investment property and decide to sell, we can also happily help.  With our rental company and our brokers housed in the same office, we are easily able to show the property where it will be represented at it’s best and when it will not disturb the rental guests.

If we have clients that have gone through the process of buying a lot in hopes of building, Kevin is there to help custom design and build the home of their dreams.  It’s a one-stop-shop if you will.


We will of course never be pushy in any way.  We are happy to help those who only wish to utilize Bryson City Realty Group in one aspect and not others.  We love to help our clients in any way we can and only want the best for you, no matter what direction you decide to go in the future.  Give us a call today.



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